A Comprehensive Guide to Automated Interviews

What is an automated interview?

 An automated interview is a recruitment procedure which happens virtually through pre recorded audio and video. It differs from traditional interviewing methods in the medium used. This method is usually used for pre screening or screening stages. This virtual interview technique has many advantages that recruiters and companies can benefit from.

  • It saves time, effort and cost per hire.
  • Scheduling automated interviews are flexible and take the availability of the candidates into consideration.
  • It can be used to interview applicants from all over the world without having them travel to a specific location.

Companies, enterprises, businesses, and organizations are switching to automated interview platforms for the several benefits. It does not compromise on the quality of the recruitment process and with the right platform, one can hire the best talent on board. It is not only a replacement for traditional interview methods but a complete digital overhaul which is much more time and cost effective. Taking your company to the next level requires hiring the best candidates not only from the local state but from all across the world. An automated interview is a great way to achieve that. Hence, online video and automated interviews have become an integral part of the recruitment process.

How does it work?

 An automated interview has a specific structure which is followed by the software and web applications that develops it. There is a set of predetermined questions that vary from company to company. Here is how it works.

Step 1:

When a candidate expresses interest in a vacant position, the candidate is invited to attend the automated interview. The scheduling is done by the application or software. Automated emails are sent out to the interested applicants regarding the details of the interview. On the predetermined date, the candidates are required to record the answers using the video interview platform either over web or mobile and submit their responses.

Most automated interview applications and software have advanced features and customizable options. These features can be utilized by the recruiters to set the questions and the several stages of the interview. This process is an excellent way of conducting pre-screening as it weeds out the ineligible candidates without any cost or time investment. The final candidates can be called for on site interview in the last round.

Step 2:

 The interview starts as soon as the link is clicked. The recruiter must include any message or guidelines that must specifically be followed by the applicants. The video will be recorded as the candidate proceeds with the interview. As a recruiter, you can set the number of retries.

When several interested candidates send the videos to the recruiter, the entire recruiting team can take a close look at the videos and select the best candidates from the lot. This saves a lot of time and eliminates the hire cost per head. Moreover, it is done much more quickly and efficiently.

However, you must not the few requirements that an automated interview requires.

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone is required.
  • A steady internet connection is required. Without that, there will be fluctuations which can hinder the interview process.
  • Another essential requirement is a webcam which captures video and audio in high quality.
  • The recruiting team must be efficient in handling the automated software or application. The customization features should be used effectively.

What are the advantages of an automated interview?

Automated interviews have brought about a revolutionary change in the recruitment process. It has made hiring employees in an easier, convenient and flexible manner. Hiring talent from overseas does not involve hefty travel expenses for either the candidate or the recruiters.

Talscout is a company which provides the best platform for online and automated interviews. It is very simple to use, has advanced features, automated functionalities and offers a seamless user experience.

Here are the key advantages of an automated interview for which you must consider hiring a reliable platform.

  • It requires a one-time effort

Structuring the interview, setting up the stages and questions need to be done only once. Candidates who are interested can go for the interview by clicking the link. Automated interview platforms send emails to the candidates informing them about the guidelines and requirements. Moreover, it also sends out notice whether the candidate has not qualified the interview round. This increases candidate friendliness and makes them feel respected. It enhances the company’s image.

  • Saves time

Time is of an essence and this interviewing technique takes that into account. Interviewing every candidate personally, needs a lot of time. Having an automated interviewing application take care of the prescreening process saves a considerable amount of time. Statistically, it reduces the hire time by approximately 40%. This way, the HR team can use the time on other activities. Also, it decreases the workload. Therefore, it enhances the company’s productivity.

  • Works swiftly

 Automated interviews are conducted through online videos. It not only saves a huge amount of the recruiter’s time but also the candidate’s. Analyzing the interview of the applicants and choosing the best talent can be done efficiently using advanced tools. There are several filtering tools and functions like keyword parsing. These can speed up the selection process and easily weed out the candidates who do not fit the role. Hence, the on site interview can be reserved for the final candidates.

There are many other benefits of an automated interview. From a candidate’s perspective, it gives them an opportunity to attend the interview without being too nervous or anxious. The whole idea of the interview happening on a video without the presence of the interviewer makes the candidates much more relaxed.

With the world moving faster and technology advancing to the sky height, companies and businesses should realize the benefits of automated interviews and online interviews. Check out Talscout for excellent solutions for automated interviews, online screening and recruitment processes for your company.


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