Overview and Benefits of Integrating a Digital Hiring Process With Your Company

What is a digital hiring platform?

A digital interview platform is an upgrade to the traditional recruitment process that transforms the way companies hire talent. It has several benefits due to which many companies have integrated this platform in their recruitment process. Companies and enterprises that aim to expand globally, have made digital interview platform an integral part of their hiring process.

It is cost-effective and saves a lot of time and further eliminates the hassle of traveling distances through the recruitment process. Through the solution, the digital interview platform allows the recruiters to schedule video-based interviews online and creates flexibility for the candidate to take the interview from anytime and anyplace. It further helps the Hiring Managers meet the potential employees virtually at their convenience, creating an enhanced experience for both candidates and interviewers.

digital interview platform

It is beneficial for candidates as well because they can attend the interview from the comfort of their home. It can be done on computers, laptops or even a smartphone. The only requirement is a steady and high speed Internet connection which facilitates smooth video calls. Digital hiring platforms have several automated features like sending emails to notify the end of an interview. These make the work relatively easier and faster for recruiters.

With the world moving forward in terms of technology, companies need to upgrade their systems. The importance of digital hiring platform is growing and it is more vital for digital business.

What are the benefits of a digital interview platform?

Digital interviewing platform has many benefits for both the recruiter and the candidate. Some people, however, are not in favor of this technique because it seems less personal. However, that is not the case. Learn about the wide array of advantages that a digital interview platform offers.

  • It offers an easy way to conduct and attend interviews from anywhere in the world

As a candidate, if you are applying for a job overseas, attending the interview in person may include heavy travel expenses. Unless your employment has been confirmed, it does not make sense to pay travel expenses. Moreover, it can also take up a lot of your time.

As a recruiter, you can expand your company and have diversity in culture in your office. You can conduct interviews on your laptop, computer or phone if the candidate lives too far away. This gives you the opportunity to hire potential candidates in a convenient, cost-effective and flexible manner.

  • It breaks the ice and makes the process comfortable

Digital interviewing platforms offer a seamless experience for the candidates. It eliminates the tension and nervousness that candidates go through before the interview. Moreover, it does not tire out the candidates from traveling to the site. Although the first interview can be a daunting experience, it surely reduces pre-interview anxiety and nervousness.

When candidates are relaxed and comfortable, they can showcase their skills more efficiently. As a recruiter, you will be able to assess the candidate’s skills, strengths and weaknesses better this way. Often, potential candidates do not make it through an interview because of anxiety. Viewing the recruiters on a screen makes it easy and comfortable.

  • Offers flexibility in scheduling the interview

Digital interview platforms make scheduling a lot easier. Besides a live video interview and phone interviews, the certain digital interviewing software also take care of the scheduling. It eliminates the long chain of emails exchanged to set up a particular date or place. Additionally, it minimizes the time spent in interviewing a candidate and also allows the interviewee to attend the session at a suitable time.

A digital interview is a great way to save a considerable sum of money. By spending less time and efforts on interview sessions, companies can greatly benefit it. Hence, it is beneficial for recruiters as well as candidates.

Talscout provides a host of interviewing platforms for audio and video live interviews, panel and automated interviews, along with campus hiring recruitment solutions. Its advanced features and automated functionalities are created using the most advanced and cutting-edge technology, that is secure, reliable and efficient.

Why should you add this platform to your recruiting process?

Selecting the most talented candidates from the pool of applicants flooding in the competitive job market is difficult. Gauging skills, strengths, differences and abilities require a considerable amount of time and effort. The demand for highly qualified and experienced candidates is continually on a rise. Therefore, narrowing down the list of potential candidates requires better techniques that are more efficient and fast than the traditional recruitment methods.

By integrating a digital interviewing platform in your company or business’s recruitment process, you can enhance the screening process and streamline your search more effectively. Video interviewing allows similar interaction as in-person interviews. It does not compromise on anything. At the same time, it saves a huge amount of time and cost. Learn why you must integrate this technology.

  • You can select the best candidate more efficiently

A phone interview or a paper resume does not speak about the communication skills, adaptability and personality of the candidates. A video interview offers the chance for the recruiter to observe the interviewee. Seeing the candidate on a video will give you a distinct idea about the candidate’s enthusiasm and potential. Weeding out the undeserving and under qualified candidates can be done much more effectively.

  • You can save time and money

Holding an online video interview can save you travel expenses. Unless you are sure that the candidate is a right fit for the role offered, you may not want to spend travel costs. Later on, you can reserve on-site an onsite interview when the prescreening is over and the candidate has to appear for the final interview.

  • Let your team members take part

Video recordings can be recorded conveniently. To make the selection process more effective, your team members can watch the interview and shed their opinion on the candidate. You can go over specific parts of the interview over and over to be sure of your opinion on a particular aspect.

Video interview technology makes the process simpler, faster, and easier. Moreover, the company can also benefit from expensive misjudgments and save traveling expenses. A digital interview platform can be customized according to the needs of the recruiter. Therefore, it can make the user experience comfortable, seamless and meaningful for both the interviewer and the candidate.

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