How to Answer Video Interviews

Does the thought of going for video interviews makes you tremble with fear?  Do you become anxious and apprehensive about the various questions that would come your way?  You can find an easy solution to your problems.  You can prepare yourself in advance not only to answer their tricky questions but to answer them with confidence.  Although you know almost every answer to video interview questions, there are other vital things that should be given importance during any video interview.

The technological era has given birth to automated interviews or audio or video interviews.  In this form of interview, the interviewer meets the interviewee online.  The interview takes place via video interview questions, one way video interview and/ or on-demand video interview.  Virtual interviews are quite different from traditional types of interviews.  No doubt that it saves a lot of time.  Apart from that, this type of interview is helpful for the organization as it helps to pre-screen the candidates for the final round of selection.  First and foremost, you must be familiar with the techniques of these three types of interviews.  Moreover, you must know the best way to respond to each one so that the interview result is in your favor.

Video Interview

Video interview is one of the best platforms to connect with your employer.  It assists the employer to recruit the best candidate for the job.  It also acts as an advantage for the interviewee since virtual interview lessens their anxiety. You can give the interview from the comfort of your home without the hassle of travelling to the place of interview.  Thus, video interviews are the most convenient way for both interviewer and the interviewee for employment, particularly for overseas candidates or employers.  Here are some valuable tips that would assist you to prepare for your video interview.

  • You must pre-decide your mode of technology such as computer, lap top, or smart phone, through which you would be attending to your video interview questions.
  • As much as you are prepared to answer the video interview questions, your technological partners such as computer, lap top, smart phone, web cam, microphones etc. should also be in synchronous with one another.  In case of malfunction of either your microphone or speaker or webcam, you would lose your chance of getting your dream job.  So make sure that your system is in good working condition.
  • Choose the location in your house from where you would be answering the video interview questions.  The area should be tidy and calm sans of any disturbances.
  • Although, you are giving the interview from your bedroom, it is always best to dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • Ensure that the lighting effect in the room does not make you look dull and dark.

One Way Video Interview

It is also referred to as an “asynchronous interview”.  Unlike video interview, in this technique of interview, it will not be present online at the time of your interview.  Instead, you would receive

interview questions either in text or video form.  In One way video interview, you would be required to video record your answers and submit.  In another language, it is a pre-recorded of one-way response to interviewer’s question.  The recruiter or the human resource personnel of that organization would review your response at their earliest available time.  Here are some important tips that would aid you to rehearse for your one way video interviews.

  • It is always ideal to give one way video interview from a solitary place in your house or elsewhere, so that no other sound or any form of disturbance penetrates across to the interviewer.
  • Punctuality is one of the chief principles of a business. You would be required to submit the video within a specific timeline.  Thus, you must ensure that you do not cross that threshold of time allotted to you and cautiously submit it within the stipulated amount of time.  You would find the date and time of submission on the landing page for your one-way interview.  The date and time is usually, set by the recruiter.
  • One way video interview can be conveniently given through a smart phone or computer with webcam.
  • The video interview questions would be given to you one at a time.  Think cautiously before attempting to answer them instantly.  Approximately, you may get about 30 seconds to three minutes to answer each question.  However, this time may vary from interviewer to interviewer.  Your interviewer will decide your time taken to answer each question.

On Demand Video Interview

Unlike video interview, under on-demand video interview, the candidate does not speak directly to his interviewer.  Here the candidates make their pre-recorded interview at their own convenient time for initial screening interviews.  It is extremely beneficial for Interviewers who have constrained of time and place of taking interviews.  It enables them to select and appoint deserving candidates for the position.

  • Since it is one-way on demand video interview, you must give a brief description about yourself such that you stand out from the crowd.
  • Since the video interview should not be long and boring, you should highlight your key points and your job experience precisely.
  • You must ensure voice clarity to get your point across to the interviewer.
  • You should display your skills of efficiently handling automated software.

At times, interviews are taken in several layers.  Consequently, this enables them to eliminate candidates in each layer so that they can zero upon the ideal candidate for the organization.  If you are aware of the different stages of scrutiny, you would be able to succeed in your efforts to give the best video interview ever.

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